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User Group Security

Welcome to Part 2 of our Security discussions. Here we are focusing on User Groups. 

Supervisors can organise users into user groups. This option is practical when it comes down to customising the access details for more than one user. If the details of more than one user are required to be changed, instead of changing it one by one which can be time-consuming, the supervisor can select a desired user group and conduct required changes on all at once. 

To create a new user group: 

  1. From the Main Menu Bar, click Control Table > User Security > Browse User Groups. The USER GROUPS window will then popup.

2. Click on Insert to add a new user group.  

3. Type in the name of the new user group e.g. AP Only 

4. Select the Level of access.

Supervisor – Has full access to the system and a supervisor sets up access for users.   
Operators – Has access only to the module(s) that the supervisor has assigned to them. A User may have full access except for the ability to change another User’s access. Users may also change their own passwords if they find the need. 

5. Select the Initial access (All access = can log into Eclipse, No Access = cannot log into Eclipse). 

6. Click OK to create a the group.   

7. You can then edit your users and add them to the group. See Change User Details. To change the access levels of the group see Set User Access.


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