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Why TPH?

TPH Global’s leading range of software products have been designed as next generation digital tools to not only meet the specific needs of the film and TV industry’s accounting departments but integrate into production.

As production accountants ourselves, we understand strict deadlines and the need to stay on top of accurate reporting whenever possible. The software we built and evolved is what we were looking for to solve our own problems. By developing the features we wanted ourselves as users and having an open communication channel with our users of their needs and wants, we ended up with tools that help you customise and automate your tasks and reporting so you can keep on top of the daily/weekly/monthly grind, spending less time on data entry and more time on analysing.

How We Got Started

Our digital journey started in 2003 almost 20 years ago whilst working on the Star Wars prequel’s 2 and 3 as a financial controller. Prequel 2 used the industry standard paper quadruple order pads and all the problems you encounter with that system! On Prequel 3 we used our EzyPO system – the first digital paperless purchase order system which fully integrated into our Eclipse production accounting system. It’s Ironic, the first film to use EzyPO was Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith – set in the mythical future. It was a giant step forward linking accounting with the rest of the production and providing real time reporting.

Fast forward to 2016 and we started prototyping the same digital approval system we had for orders for invoices. This transitioned production accounts to a paperless workflow and was beta tested in 2017 by some of our customers.

Based on the feedback, we refined the product and created one digital approval application. DPF (Digital Paper Flow) was born and work commenced in 2019. We reimagined EzyPO’s functionality, and overhauled the user interface. It is a simple to use interface built on a sophisticated system, battle hardened on both big and small productions. 

Today we’re still improving the user experience. Combine DPF with the power of our production accounting software Eclipse, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using it before now.

Meet the Team
Robert Threadgold, Kevin Plummer and Dean Hood are all highly respected Production Accountants within the film and television industry. Click on Learn More to read their bio and find out what makes them tick.

Kevin Plummer

Managing Director / Chief Software Architect

Dean Hood


Robert Threadgold


Case Studies

Our customers only trust TPH Global to make their work easier, faster and more efficient. Read about how our innovative solutions helped our customers take their work to the next level.

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