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TPH Global’s Production Accounting Software Solutions Help Streamline Workflows for Film Production Company

Kristin Kruger is a production accountant for a film production company, and she and her team are responsible for managing and auditing all film production expenditure. They are also responsible for ensuring that their production company is eligible for rebates, which is a crucial component of the industry. The team’s workload is intensive, with over 1,000 crew members on the payroll, and they use TPH Global’s production accounting software solutions of Eclipse, DPF and EzyPO to streamline their processes.

Before implementing TPH Global’s software solutions, the team had to perform a lot of manual work. Purchase orders needed to be manually entered, and all paperwork had to have barcodes attached to be scanned into the filing system required by the studio or production company. This additional work meant more crew were required, and finding additional crew members can be challenging at times. Kristin described reconciling batches before posting to ensure the GST was balanced as “a time-consuming and often frustrating process”.

Kristin and her team chose TPH Global’s software suite because it allowed them to work more efficiently. They implemented the software by purchasing multiple licenses and installed them on the company-provided laptops. “We have been using Eclipse for over 15 years, and it has helped improve our workflow significantly. The best part is that new team members can get up to speed with Eclipse in just a few days because of its intuitive nature,” said Kristin.

Because we use Eclipse with DPF and EzyPO, “we are at our most efficient when we are bombarded with petty cash & accounts payable requests. We can always clearly see where the paperwork is sitting in the approval process which allows us to give informed answers when asked about a payment status,” Kristin said.

The industry is busy, and there is a shortage of crew. “Using Eclipse allows the team to be more efficient, which in turn means that less accounting crew are required,” Kristin added. “It’s software that makes my life easier, which means I have more time to spend on other things,” Kristin said.

All of the accounts team and some executives use Eclipse. “It’s the only product we want to use for TV or film accounting. A studio wouldn’t ask the VFX team to use 20-year-old software, so why should they be asking the accountants to do that when better programs like Eclipse are available,” Kristin explained.

The measurable results of using TPH Global’s software are clear. All of the accounts team are much more efficient, which is essential for a happy team. Kristin advises other teams facing similar problems to use Eclipse, noting that “It’s the only product I will use for tv or film accounting. The long-term impact of using TPH Global’s software is significant, as it allows the team to focus on creating high-quality content without getting bogged down in administrative tasks,” noted Kristin.

In conclusion, Kristin Kruger and her team have benefitted greatly from using TPH Global’s production accounting software solutions. Using Eclipse, DPF and EzyPO has allowed them to streamline their processes, save time, and reduce the number of crew members required. The software has become an integral part of their workflow, and Kristin would highly recommend it to anyone in the industry.