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Tips and Tricks​

Here are some Tips and Tricks you may find helpful when it comes to using our software.


Auto Reconcile Bank Reconciliation

Within Eclipse there is the ability to import transactions directly from the Bank as an excel or csv file and reconcile these transactions. The section “Uploading Transactions From The Bank” explains how to complete this. Click here to read our Guide about the Bank Reconciliation

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Upload Vendor List Into Eclipse

On the commencement of your production TPH has the ability to add vendors into Vendor Master Maintenance. The vendor list should be in excel format and compatible with our requirements. Simply send us a ticket request and we will action this for you. Email to:

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Attaching/Viewing/Downloading Invoice Attachments In Eclipse

When a supporting document is added to a transaction it can be viewed at a later date if required within Eclipse. The application also allows for these attachments to be downloaded for safe keeping. Click here to read more in our Guide about Attaching/ Viewing/Downloading Supporting Documents To Invoice

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Balance Tax Before Saving

Eclipse will now automatically create and calculate tax lines when entering in Invoices or Petty Cash, saving you the time of creating and calculating the tax lines manually. We strongly suggest never disabling this option unless advised to by TPH Support staff. By default, all new UK Databases from Mid

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Quick Cheques

Quick Cheques allow you to create cheques and EFT files for Invoices without posting the Invoices down. Click here to read more in our Guide on Quick Cheques

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Manually Moving Invoices To New Batch

Eclipse allow the accountant to move invoices into different batches. This feature can be used with the integration of Digital Paper Flow so that transactions can be moved into a different batch once approved or just as a way to monitor and allocate transactions to batches for specific purposes of

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