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Tips and Tricks​

Here are some Tips and Tricks you may find helpful when it comes to using our software.


Search For Transactions In Ledger Inquiry

Using the search functions an Eclipse user can search for a transaction. The ledger inquiry consists of all transactions within the database and can be helpful when searching for transactions in a single directory. Click here to read more in our Guide about Record Searches

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Record Search

Use the search bar and query bar effectively to search for specific chart codes, description and amounts. Click here to read our Guide on how to do a Record Search

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Filter the Budget Worksheet Main Screen

Within the Budget Worksheet, users have the ability to sort different columns by ascending or descending order. This can be helpful when navigating through a large chart of accounts to find a specific chart code or amount. Click here to read more in our Guide that shows you how to

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Within the budget worksheet, Accountants have the ability to review all transactions for a specific chart code. These transactions can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet and pasted back in with the applicable changes. Click here to read more in our Guide on the Transaction Tab – Budget Worksheet

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