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Tips and Tricks​

Here are some Tips and Tricks you may find helpful when it comes to using our software.

DPF (Digital Paper Flow)

Manually Moving Invoices To New Batch

Eclipse allow the accountant to move invoices into different batches. This feature can be used with the integration of Digital Paper Flow so that transactions can be moved into a different batch once approved or just as a way to monitor and allocate transactions to batches for specific purposes of future payment runs, assigning responsibilities to other staff members or even just for organisation purposes. Reach more here in our Guide on how to Move Invoices To New Batch

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Automatic Batch Moving

The integration of Digital Paper Flow with Eclipse means that all orders will move into the appropriate batch to match the workflow of invoices. This specifically means that when an invoice is drafted and sent to Digital Paper Flow, the invoice can be found in the draft batch in Eclipse, then once the invoice or expense is sent for approval it can be found in the pending batch, and finally once the invoice or expense has been fully approved it will move into the approved batch.

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Vendors Updated Into Ezy PO/Digital Paper Flow

Once a vendor is added into Eclipse if the production is also using Ezy PO/Digital Paper Flow the vendor will automatically be updated in the two applications. Also if the vendor is added into Ezy PO/ Digital Paper Flow and not into Eclipse, the vendor will also be automatically be added into Eclipse. This allows for streamlining the workflow so that vendors do not need to be added more than once.

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Stop Cost Reports From Updating With New Purchase Order

As purchase orders are constantly flowing through into Eclipse, users can manipulate the settings during their cost reporting periods to turn off purchase orders from updating the cost reports. This feature can be turned off at any time and then turned back on once the reporting period is complete. Click here to read our Guide to Stop PO’s From Updating Your Cost Report

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Ezy PO/Digital Paper Flow Batch Within Eclipse

Within Eclipse there is the ability to create a batch in the purchase order entry which shows all of the draft and pending POs within Ezy PO and Digital Paper Flow. This batch can also be useful with deleting draft orders that have a PO number attached to them. In order to setup this batch please contact TPH Support and we can add this for you. Email to: This batch will state who the PO is currently sitting with and whether it is in drafts or the approval stage.

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