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Eclipse by TPH Global: A Game-Changer for Production Accountants

Eclipse Case Study


Once upon a time, in the world of television production…

Introducing Granada Productions Pty Ltd, the masterminds behind the UK and German versions of the sensational show “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.” With approximately 400 crew members on the payroll, managing finances is no walk in the park.

The Hero: James, Senior Production Accountant

Enter our hero, James. As the Senior Production Accountant, he oversees production finance for all Australian-based costs, supported by his trusty team of three assistants. Together, they strive to keep the financial gears turning smoothly.

The Challenge: The Labyrinth of Production Finance

Navigating the maze of production finance is a challenge that would make any accountant break into a sweat. From purchase orders and accounts payable to petty cash and cost management reporting, the responsibilities are endless. Moreover, over 20 people on the production use financial tools, making efficiency vital.

The Magical Solution: Eclipse by TPH Global

Fear not, for our hero James discovered the magical powers of Eclipse by TPH Global over 15 years ago. This wondrous software covers all aspects of production finance and even conjures up payroll services, leaving no stone unturned.

Eclipse: The Finance Whisperer

With Eclipse, the beast of finance becomes a tame, obedient creature. The entire process is streamlined, making it easier for James and his team to manage every aspect of production finance.

TPH Global: The Payroll Wizards

When it comes to payroll management, TPH Global work their enchantment. With 400 crew members to pay, their payroll team ensures everyone receives their hard-earned gold coins on time.

Eclipse: The Mentor

Though our hero and his team prefer experienced crew members, Eclipse offers a treasure trove of training videos. These resources quickly bring new team members up to speed, typically taking only a day or two.

Eclipse: The Eternal Flame

James would be absolutely devastated if Eclipse were to vanish, as he considers it the best production accounting software package in all the lands. He’s grateful for TPH Global’s dedicated team, who continually improve the software, unlike the outdated relics that other companies use.

The Happy Ending

Thanks to Eclipse, James and his team have transformed their workflow and embraced a smarter, more efficient way of working. They now recommend Eclipse to all who face similar challenges in the realm of production finance.

And so, dear reader, we conclude our tale. James and his team continue to conquer the world of production finance, armed with the power of Eclipse by TPH Global. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End



How many people at Granada Productions use Eclipse?

  • Over 20 people on the production team use the software.

How long does it take for a new team member to learn Eclipse?

  • It typically takes a day or two, depending on their role and seniority.

What did James dislike about his job before using Eclipse?

  • The manual and time-consuming nature of production finance.

Why does James recommend Eclipse to others in the industry?

  • Eclipse streamlines the entire production finance process and offers exceptional support.

What is the long-term impact of using Eclipse for James and his team?

  • They work smarter, not harder, and enjoy increased efficiency and productivity.