TPH Global

Payroll SaaS

Timecards & Payroll Approval

Once your employee’s submit their digital timecard via Freelance Portal they will appear in DPF under the Timecards module. Each employee can be setup with their unique or a department approval chain so their HOD can approve their timecards before going onto the next approver.   

Digital Enrolment and Onboarding

Integrate employee onboarding with Digital Forms, digital timecards with Freelance Portal and have them approved by their department head, accounts and production digitally using DPF.

Integrated timecard and payslip approval is also available. This functionality is only available with TPH Payroll.

To reconcile time, you can import AD’s times from your production reports and view an exception report between AD times and timesheets.

Editable labour distribution reports are available in Excel.

We use timecard technology. This consistently calculates any penalties based on the onset assistant director and/or digital timesheet times entered.