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Onboarding freelancers into payroll working in film and TV.

Created by people who work in the entertainment industry.

We know from working with hundreds of productions every year they all have their own unique start paperwork. Digital Forms allows this paperwork to be digitised, organised into packs and for your employee’s to complete this all online securely. 


To create a new contract simply select a pack, fill in the required fields and send for approval.

  • 1. Click
  • 2. Fill In
  • 3. Send
  • 4. Sign
  • 5. Return

Depending on the approval chain, this could go to your manager first for pre-approval and on approval goes to the crew member. They will receive an email with a link to complete their information and digitally sign their contract. They will also need to enter the SMS pin sent to the phone number setup for their pack.

Once the crew member digitally signs their forms it will return to the next approver on the production to check and approve and so on until it is fully approved.

Once it is fully approved the crew member will be sent a fully signed copy of all the documents in their pack.

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Streamlined onboarding from end to end

When we were approached by one of our customers to come up with a digital payroll onboarding solution for freelancers on their productions, we quickly realised how this would vastly improve the speed and experience of their onboarding.

New employee onboarding centres around paperwork – and lots of it. Using a custom onboarding tool like Digital Forms, it can streamline the tedious data collection process.


A single, automated digital forms and e-signature solution

We take your paper contracts and forms and digitise them – adding tags and validation rules. The contracts and forms are then organised into digital packs – just like you would organise your paper contracts. We set up custom approver groups for who has to approve and sign in which order.

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