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March Newsletter 2024

Liam Neeson in Ice Road

Behind the Scenes & Beyond:

Your March Update from TPH Global

Welcome to the March edition of our newsletter! This month, we’ll explore budgeting strategies, share valuable industry resources, and highlight some upcoming projects.


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Exciting news for our software users! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new separate email dedicated exclusively to software updates. Starting next month, you’ll receive the latest news, enhancements, and features directly to your inbox.

Stay ahead of the curve and make the most out of your work with our upcoming software update emails. Because who doesn’t love a good software upgrade? Keep an eye out for our first email coming soon!


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Discover the Power of Hollywood Budgets

In our latest sneak peek blog post, we unveil the top four features of Hollywood Budgets that will transform the way you manage budgets:

  1. Detailed Budget Comparison: Say goodbye to guesswork! With Hollywood Budgets, compare your budget changes in real-time and track variances effortlessly.
  2. Visual Cue for Budget Variances: Identify areas of overspending or underspending at a glance with our intuitive variance widget.
  3. Seamless Import of Cost To Date Figures: Save time and eliminate errors with our seamless import feature, ensuring accurate budgeting every time.
  4. Mobility with iPad Compatibility: Stay connected on the go and update budgets from anywhere with Hollywood Budgets’ iPad compatibility.

Excited yet? Be among the first to experience Hollywood Budgets! Register now to get exclusive access to the initial release and stay updated on all the latest news and insights.

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Liam Neeson’s Next Adventure: TPH Global Steers the Financial Course

Liam Neeson in Ice Road

The icy winds of adventure are blowing, and TPH Global is right in the thick of it alongside the team behind “Ice Road 2: Road to the Sky”! Currently filming at Docklands Studios Melbourne, this sequel picks up where the 2021 action film left off, propelling Liam Neeson’s character, Mike McCann, into another heart-stopping mission.

To navigate the often treacherous terrain of production logistics with the efficiency of a seasoned climber, the “Ice Road 2” team is relying on the powerful suite of TPH Global products. These tools act as their trusty companions, empowering them to manage every aspect of the production process seamlessly, from meticulous budgeting and scheduling to streamlining crew management and payroll.

With TPH Global as their trusted partner, the “Ice Road 2” team can channel their full energy into bringing this action-packed story to life. We’ll handle the complex logistical and financial tasks, ensuring a smooth production journey  – all while Liam Neeson and the crew tackle their on-screen challenges.


Quick tip number one


Boost Your Efficiency: Create a Custom Toolbar in Eclipse

Streamline your Eclipse experience with a custom toolbar tailored to your workflow. Access your desired modules with ease by following the step-by-step instructions provided in our Atlassian help portal. Enhance your productivity today!

Link to the article HERE.



Quick tip number 2


Simplify Your Login Process: App Controller Login Shortcut

Say goodbye to repetitive typing with GO-Global’s login shortcut options. Auto-populate your login field for quick and hassle-free access to your account. Learn how to set up this convenient feature through our Atlassian help portal guide. Enjoy seamless logins every time!

Link to the article HERE.

If you need further assistance to do this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager at TPH Global, or our support department at: