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Hollywood Budgets Feature Preview: Master Rate Changes with Globals 

Need to update rates across your entire budget but don’t want to spend hours manually adjusting every line item?

Hollywood Budgets has your back! Our innovative Globals feature allows you to make changes to key rates in one central location, automatically updating your entire budget for effortless efficiency.

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TPH Global Supports Furiosa’s Big Screen Debut

Furiosa: Mad Max Saga is set to be a monumental release following the success of its predecessor, Mad Max: Fury Road. Directed by George Miller, this highly anticipated film features Anya Taylor-Joy in the titular role of Furiosa and Chris Hemsworth as the formidable warlord Dementus. TPH Global is proud to have supported this project through our comprehensive suite of services, including DPF, Eclipse, and Payroll services. The film’s premiere at Cannes is a testament to its impact and significance in the entertainment industry, and we’re thrilled to be a part of its journey to the big screen. 

As the film hits Australian cinemas on May 23, we celebrate the creativity, innovation, and collaboration that drive the film industry forward, and we look forward to seeing Furiosa captivate audiences worldwide. 




TPH Team Spotlight: Biatta Czerkies, Global Lead on Digital Forms & Freelance Portal 

In this edition of our team spotlight, we chat with Biatta Czerkies, the person behind TPH Global’s Digital Forms (DF) and Freelance Portal (FP) products. Biatta’s role is all about ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for productions of all sizes. 

A Wealth of Production Expertise: 

Biatta brings over 20 years of film and television industry experience to the table. Her journey began with studies in film and TV at Tafe and freelance work, progressing through various production roles like runner, production secretary, and eventually line producer. This firsthand understanding is what drew her to TPH, “I was always interested in the Film & TV industry… From there I decided I would pursue my career in the Film & TV industry and quickly realised I had a passion for the management side of Production.” She continues, “I was also fascinated by the accounting side and after years of Line Producing later, I decided to change my career path and that’s how I ended up at TPH.” After talking with Kevin about their onboarding system called Digital Forms, Biatta knew it would be something she would love doing. “I love the paperwork side or Production Management and contracting is a natural part of that process so this previous experience as a line producer has been a great asset to developing Digital Forms.” 

Building the Bridge Between Productions and Technology: 

As the global lead, Biatta wears many hats. She perfectly describes it, “It means liaising with clients to set up a database for their production… In consultation with the client, we work out any specific requirements they need for their show as each show is unique…” This includes everything from mandatory fields to form packs and approval processes. “Once their data base is set up, I go through the data base with the client. I then run a training session with them & their team, so they are ready to use DF.” Biatta doesn’t stop there; she also provides ongoing support, addresses client queries, and demonstrates DF’s capabilities to potential users. 

A Collaborative Spirit and a Passion for Innovation: 

Biatta fosters a collaborative environment, working closely with the development team as product manager to test and implement new features within DF/FP. She actively seeks feedback from clients and translates their requirements into actionable improvements for the platform. The recent expansion of DF to the UK market exemplifies this commitment to growth, with Biatta currently training a dedicated team member, Jash, “so he can look after the UK side.” 

The Future is Bright for DF/FP:

Biatta’s enthusiasm for the future of DF/FP is contagious. She envisions a future where the platform transcends onboarding, transforming into a comprehensive production hub that streamlines processes from recruitment to distribution. “DF/FP is heading in such an amazing direction,” she says, “In the end it will be transformed from onboarding to distribution and more. There are no limits, we will keep expanding the parameters so it will be a one stop shop for all Productions.” 

Beyond the Spotlight: 

When asked about the most interesting aspects of her job, Biatta highlights the unique challenges each production presents. She thrives on finding creative solutions and collaborating with developers to bring new functionalities to life. “The interesting part of my job is that each show is unique,” she explains, “and I like the challenge of working out the best process for their contacts, along with liaising with the Developers and seeing the new features come to life.” The ongoing learning curve and the opportunity to witness her efforts translate into tangible improvements to keep her motivated and excited for what the future holds. 

We are grateful for Biatta’s leadership and expertise in shaping the future of DF/FP at TPH Global. 


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Tips from our TPH Global Team

Enhance Record Keeping: Attachments Made Easy

Did you know you can attach documents to transactions even after they’ve been posted in Eclipse? This allows for seamless record keeping and easy access to crucial information. No more hunting down separate files – everything you need is conveniently attached to the relevant transaction!

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Streamline Reconciliation: Automating the Process

Reconciling bank statements can be a breeze with Eclipse’s built-in auto-reconcile feature. Simply import your bank transactions as an Excel or CSV file and let the software do the heavy lifting! For detailed instructions, refer to the “Uploading Transactions From The Bank” section within Eclipse.

Link to the article HERE.

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