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Process Of Creating, Sending and Approving Invoice – Eclipse to Digital Paper Flow

Invoices from Eclipse to DPF

The article below explains the process of creating an invoice in Eclipse, sending it to Digital Paper Flow for the approval group selection and finally sending it for approval. The article then explains how an approver can choose to approve the invoice via email or by logging into Digital Paper Flow.


Setup Default Approver Group In Eclipse

A default approval group can be setup in eclipse for all invoices that you send to Digital Paper Flow which don’t reference a Purchase Order. If a Purchase Order is referenced, it will automatically use that approver group. Note: for each approval group you can set the approval sequence separately for each module. In order to set the default up you will need to go to Control Table → System Defaults → Digital Paper.

Now type in the already created approval group name in the Default Approver Group field and click OK.

Creating The Invoice In Eclipse

  1. Refer to the following article which goes through the process of entering an invoice into eclipse
    Inserting a New Invoice
  2. Send The Invoice To Digital Paper Flow
  3. Once you are directed back to the Unposted Invoice List window.   Highlight the invoice (s), then right-click and select Send to DPF.  Then click the Start button. 

Note if you receive an error message at this stage it means you have not been enabled to use this feature, contact

  1. The invoice has now disappeared from the original batch and has been moved to a new batch called DPF Draft Invoices. Once it has been sent for approval in DPF, it will move to the DPF Pending Invoices Batch.  Then once fully approved it will move to the DPF Approved Invoices Batch, where it can be posted.

Login Into Digital Paper Flow To Select Approval Group

Once the invoice is sent to Digital Paper Flow you will need to login as the operator and check the invoice approval group before it can be sent to the approver.

If an invoice has a PO transferred to it via PO transfer in Eclipse, when the invoice is sent to Digital Paper Flow from Eclipse it will use the PO approval chain as the approver group selection.

If an invoice DOES NOT have a PO transferred to it then when that invoice is sent to DPF it will use the ‘default’ approval chain setup in Eclipse as discussed above.

  1. The Invoice will appear in your Drafts Section. Click the Edit button if you need to choose an approver group or change it, otherwise skip this step and proceed to direction 7.
  2. Now select the approval group then click save to finalise your changes.
  3. The invoice can now be sent for approval. Click Send to send the invoice to the first approver. 


Approve Via Email

Once an invoice has been sent to the approver to approve an email will arrive from:

An example of the email is provided below.

  1. Now to approve via email all the approver needs to do is click reply in their email application and press send. No response is required for the invoice to be marked as approved by the approver.

Approve Via Digital Paper Flow

Approving via the Digital Paper Flow website provides the approver more options when making a decision on how to respond to the invoice sent for approval.

The approver has the option (if authorised in their User Setup)to edit the invoices distribution lines description, the flags and chart code.

All approvers have the option to decline, hold and of course approve the invoice.

  • First click on the Approve section to view the invoice. To edit the invoice details simply click the Edit button on the selected invoice and make the changes where applicable and click save.
  1. To Hold, Decline or Approve the invoice simply click the buttons on the top task bar.
  1. Once Approved the invoice will be stamped with the approvers name and moved into the approved folder of Digital Paper Flow.
  1. Now that the invoice has been approved it “can” be moved to another batch in Eclipse before posting and processing for payment. To move the invoice to another batch select the invoice, then right click the mouse and click Move Batch.
  2. Select the batch to move the invoice into and click OK.



After the invoice is approved, then posted, and has a cheque printed for it (or plain paper cheques for EFT’s), a cheque copy PDF is automatically added to the invoice transaction record and is viewable in DPF and Eclipse.

Additional Features:

Setting Up The Invoice To Skip Approvers When PO Transferred Matches Invoice Details

If the invoice is a perfect match with the PO that was originally raised, as the accountant you have to option for the invoice to skip the approvers if the PO Match feature is setup in the approvers Digital Paper Flow Setup. This feature needs to be turned on by your Digital Paper Flow administrator or TPH Support

  1. To flag the invoice to skip approvers with the PO Match feature set on the accountant must go into the Digital Approver tab in Eclipse when the invoice is being completed and tick PO Matches.
  2. If it is not a perfect match you can have a PO Under or Over Stamped on the invoice by typing the stamp into the PO Under\Over box below.

If you need further assistance to do this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager at TPH Global, or our support department at: