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Getting started with DPF: Settings, Profile, and User Defaults

This article is aimed at assisting all types of users like Approvers and Operators to set up their DPF account correctly from the start of their DPF journey.  

Your personal details, signature, data entry defaults and other fields need to be populated to streamline the workflows you will be taking part of; for example setting up your signature as a Purchase Order Approver ensures it is visible on POs you approve.  

For your convenience these are all accessible from one drop down menu: 












This is where some of your data entry defaults can be populated in addition to your Dashboard configuration. Eg by setting the Chart Sort this will be pre-populated on each line when you create a new PO. If all your orders are coded to the one area like Freight, you could enter that code saving you having to enter that when creating a PO. 

User Defaults

Additional module specific data entry defaults can be set up in this window, if not sure though you can reach out to your production system admin or TPH Support.  


This is where your password, email address and signature can be updated. The photo is optional. 



If you need further assistance to do this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager at TPH Global, or our support department at: