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Getting Started with Digital Paper Flow

Getting started with DPF

Thanks to Digital Paper Flow, managing paperwork is now more efficient for production accountants through the seamless integration between Eclipse and Digital Paper Flow.

This is the first article in our new series called “Getting the Most out of Digital Paper Flow”, and it is based on the knowledge found in our Atlassian support platform. We’ll walk you through the configuration of our Digital Paper Flow platform from the first setup, right through to more advanced tools you can use to make your job easier.

We will cover the following topics:

  1. DPF Eclipse Integration
    a) Set Up Default Approval Groups
  2. DPF Mobile App Installation
  3. View Team Orders (DPF)
  4. System Setup To Stamp Invoice With PO Matching Details
  5. Set the Primary Attachment for Signature Stamps
  6. Setup the Tramada (The Appointment Group / TAG) API
  7. Switch between Productions
  8. Zoom Function In DPF
  9. Comments In DPF

To get things going, in this post we will go over steps one and two, including integrating Eclipse and installing the mobile app, which are the stepping stones on your path to making the most out of Digital Paper Flow.

STEP 1: DPF Eclipse Integration

This article will guide you through entering an invoice or petty cash expense in Eclipse and then sending it to the new Digital Paperflow website where you can acquire digital signatures.  Once the document is fully approved you will be able to post as usual in Eclipse.

This procedure is just a temporary solution to acquire digital signatures until the full release of Digital Paper Flow.


  1. Open Accounts Payable > Invoice Entry and insert a new batch, or open an existing batch.
  2. Click insert to add a new invoice.
  3. Once in the Invoice Entry screen, click the Attachments tab. Then click the Select Files button to add the PDF attachment of the invoice.
  1. Find and select the pdf on your computer and click the Attach button. Remember in Eclipse, your computer’s C: Drive is listed as the M: Drive.

    Note: This window cannot accept web folder file paths ie (M:/Desktop/Users/Jsnow/ Dropbox/ AP/ Jan21/ Panalux 99124.pdf). If you get an error message when attempting to attach, try moving the pdf to your desktop and attaching from there.

  2. The Invoice pdf will now appear in the viewer window, confirming it has been successfully attached.
  1. Click on the Invoice Details tab and continue entering the Invoice as usual, drawing-down any necessary purchase orders. Click the OK button once complete.
  1. You will then be directed back to the Unposted Invoice List window. Highlight the invoice (s), then right-click and select Send to DPF. Then click the Start button. 

    Note if you receive an error message at this stage it means you have not been enabled to use this feature, contact
  1. The invoice has now disappeared from the original batch and has been moved to a new batch called DPF Draft Invoices. Once it has been sent for approval in DPF, it will move to the DPF Pending Invoices Batch. Then once fully approved it will move to the DPF Approved Invoices Batch, where it can be posted.
  1. Now login to the DPF website using your EzyPO login details
  1. Click on the Draft Invoices section where you can find the invoice you just sent from Eclipse.
  1. From here you can click the Edit button to change any details of the invoice, including the approval group.
  1. Once you are ready to send the invoice for approval, click the Send button. Once sent, the approval will receive an email to login to DPF to approve.

    Note:  The approver can set in settings how often they get notification emails. This way the approver’s inbox will not get spammed with notification emails.
  1. The Invoice has now moved to the Pending section. You can see that the Invoice is sitting with the first approver TLannister. 
  1. Once the Approver logs into DPF they can click the Approve Invoices section to view all invoices awaiting their approval.

Set Up Default Approval Groups

You can set up default approval groups for Invoices and Expenses in Eclipse. We recommend doing this so that it decreases the manual work required in DPF. Once the defaults are set up in Eclipse, when the transaction is sent to DPF for approval, you will only need to edit the approval group if a change is required.


If the Invoice does not have a purchase order attached then it will use the Default Approver Group in the System Defaults as specified in the screenshot and instructions below.

In Eclipse go to Control TableSystem DefaultsDigital Approve and fill in the settings for:

Default Approver Group

By default the Invoice will use the same Approval group as the Purchase Order that was attached into it. However, if no PO is attached it will use the default setup in system defaults. We recommend doing this so that it decreases the manual work of selecting the approver group in DPF.

This is why every Purchase Order group in DPF needs to have an Invoice approval chain setup inside of it as mentioned in the start of this article: Approval Group Setup | DPF Approval Group Setup

Petty Cash

To setup Petty cash vendors with their default approval group you need to go into Accounts PayableVendor Master MaintenanceOpen the Petty Cash VendorNavigate to the Digital Paper Flow tab.

If you do not do this you will need to select the approver group after sending the PC to DPF for approval, which will slow down the workflow.

Right click inside this tab and select Add.

Set the Seq number to 1

Set AppLogin to the default Approval Group name (example below is using ARTDEPT).

STEP 2: DPF Mobile App Installation

The Digital Paper Flow Mobile App is available on Apple iOS and Android Devices from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store by searching for Digital Paper Flow Mobile. The download links are also listed below:

Android: Digital Paper Flow Mobile – Apps on Google Play

iOS: ‎Digital Paper Flow 2

The mobile app allows you to Draft, Approve and view all Purchase Orders.

If your production is setup for it, the mobile app also allows you to View and Approve Invoices (but not Draft an Invoice).

If you need further assistance to do this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager at TPH Global, or our support department at: