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Payroll SaaS

Freelance Portal

The digital timecard for freelancers working in film and TV.

Created by people who work in the entertainment industry.

We know from processing tens of thousands of pay slips every year an off the shelf timecard solution was never going to cut it. We needed a customisable solution (because no two productions are the same) to move productions from paper timecards to digital timecards.


Specifically designed for freelancers

One Account

Specifically designed for the Freelancer who owns the account rather than having to create a new account for each production.

Industry Specific

Record actual times worked including breaks and travel time to calculate penalties correctly. Attach medical certificates or invoices to your timecard.

DPF Integration

Integrate with our Digital Paper Flow (DPF) system for HOD, Accounts and UPM digital approval.

Digitise Timecards

We take your existing paper timecard and digitise it, adding custom fields where required.


Detailed and customised workflows

We’ve added customisable abilities to the features that matter so you can optimise your workflow and get more done, without the headache.   

  • Custom timecards with company logo which look like the old paper timecard
  • Set weekending to Saturday or Sunday
  • Option to force crew to enter actual meal times
  • Easy to copy previous day or weeks times
  • Pay As drop list feature for indicating normal shift work or work on a public holiday, sick day or time in lieu day etc.
  • Crew create their own account and simply add new companies as they move between productions