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February Newsletter 2024

TPH Global Hollywood Budgets name reveal

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2024, TPH Global Community!

We hope this message finds you well and ready for an exciting year ahead. As we step into 2024, the TPH Global team is thrilled to bring you the first newsletter of the year, packed with updates, announcements, and insights.


TPH Global Hollywood Budgets name reveal

🚀 Project X Unveiling – Hollywood Budgets!

We kick off the year with a major announcement – the official name of our highly anticipated Project X is Hollywood Budgets! 🌟 This groundbreaking software is set to revolutionise production budgeting and estimating, bringing innovation and efficiency to your fingertips.

👉 Register Your Interest Now!

Be the first to experience the future of production budgeting and estimating. Visit our website to register your interest and stay ahead of the curve.

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Last Kings of the Cross Cover artwork


🌟 ‘Last Kings of the Cross’ Season 2 – Back in Action!

Exciting news! TPH Global is thrilled to announce our continued support for the highly anticipated second season of ‘Last Kings of the Cross.’ As the series gears up for another thrilling instalment, our team is back on board, ensuring a seamless production journey.

At TPH Global, we’re committed to contributing to the success of ‘Last Kings of the Cross’ Season 2. Our systems are playing a pivotal role in optimising production workflows, allowing the creative team to focus on delivering an unforgettable narrative experience.




TPH Team Spotlight of Michelle David

Bringing a powerhouse blend of experience and passion, Michelle joins our team with over 12 years of Board-level expertise and a deep understanding of the creative industry. As she eloquently states, “I’m extremely proud to be part of the TPH family,” and we couldn’t be more excited to have her on board.

In this role, Michelle will be playing a pivotal role in driving our growth in the UK while staying true to our core values. She shares, “My role is to oversee and safeguard the growth of the business, supporting the vision of being the creative industry’s go-to partner for payroll and accounting software.”

This commitment to both innovation and customer focus resonates deeply with Michelle. “With over 12 years of Board level experience as part of Senior Leadership Teams, coupled with over 5 years’ experience in the creative space, I understand the importance of a technical solution that takes away some of the burden of administration in running a successful production, facilitated by exemplary customer service.”

Michelle’s dedication extends beyond financial leadership. “My role is fully immersed in group corporate strategy and integral to the delivery of that strategy and its financial targets,” she explains. “I’m also jointly responsible for environmental and social governance and the journey towards sustainability, which is a challenge I look forward to.”

“TPH already has a great team, a clear vision and a set of core values with our customers at the forefront of that,” Michelle acknowledges. “Seeing the hard work that goes into innovating our product offering is inspiring and it’s really exciting to be part of the natural evolution of this great business.”

With Michelle’s expertise and leadership, we are confident that TPH UK will continue to empower our clients and shape a brighter future for the creative industry. Join us in welcoming Michelle to the TPH family!


Quick Tips

Quick tip number one

Tame paper chaos with Eclipse OCR!

Tired of manually entering invoice data? Eclipse’s built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can save you hours! Learn how to upload invoices, automatically extract information like vendor names and amounts, and seamlessly integrate it into your accounts payable workflow.

Ready to ditch the data entry drudge? Get the full scoop on Eclipse OCR HERE.




Quick tip number 2

Say “PDF” to preview woes with Eclipse workarounds!

Struggling to preview and save reports in Eclipse? This guide reveals clever workarounds for common printing issues, including the ultimate trick: creating reports direct to PDF which open on your computer. Keep your workflow flowing smoothly and say goodbye to preview and saving headaches!

Unlock the secrets to smooth printing HERE.




Eclipse Feature Updates

Software Update isomatric artwork


TPHP-3808 You can now use colons : and semicolons ; for an Invoice number. We’ve reverted a previous change that was removing these symbols.


TPHP-3788 Implemented the ability to upload Movie Magic Budget 10 XML Files. See:

If you need further assistance to do this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager at TPH Global, or our support department at: