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Process Of Creating, Sending and Approving Invoice – Eclipse to Digital Paper Flow

Invoices from Eclipse to DPF

The article below explains the process of creating an invoice in Eclipse, sending it to Digital Paper Flow for the approval group selection and finally sending it for approval. The article then explains how an approver can choose to approve the invoice via email or by logging into Digital Paper Flow. Accounts Setup Default Approver […]

Getting Started with Digital Paper Flow

Getting started with DPF

Thanks to Digital Paper Flow, managing paperwork is now more efficient for production accountants through the seamless integration between Eclipse and Digital Paper Flow. This is the first article in our new series called “Getting the Most out of Digital Paper Flow”, and it is based on the knowledge found in our Atlassian support platform. We’ll walk you through the configuration […]

10 Great Reasons Why a Digital Purchase Order Saves You Time

digital purchase orders for production accounting

Paper-based purchase order systems were never the easiest way to manage your purchases and cost reporting. You were probably spending time on a part of the business that should have the least impact. In this article we review what the process should look like.