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Excel has long been a popular tool for budget management, but as production professionals in the TV and movie industry, it’s time to consider a switch. Hollywood Budgets offers a comprehensive solution that addresses the limitations of Excel and revolutionizes your budget management process. In this blog, we will explore

This article is most helpful for Eclipse users trying to accurately and efficiently enter invoices where the production is using more than one bank account to process payments.  Under Control Table > User Defaults > Data Entry Defaults tab, the user can set their Bank Code default i.e. the bank

Welcome to Hollywood Budgets, a revolutionary software platform that we are designing specifically for Producers and Production Accountants in the TV and Film industry that need a responsive up-to-date budget they can easily edit. The existing budget solutions in the marketplace are what drove us to design this product. Combined

Distribution changes can and should be used as an alternative to Journal entry to reallocate costs. Debit and Credit entries will not be necessary. Essentially all you need to do is make your preferred distribution change and then post it to the General Ledger. Not only can you change a

If you want to transfer money between two bank accounts with different currencies you will need to set up a Cross Currency Conversion accounts, an Exchange Rate Difference account, and complete two journals:  Follow the steps below:  In this example, we will be transferring £100,000 GBP to €112,189.24 EUR    

Welcome to Part 2 of our Security discussions. Here we are focusing on User Groups.  Supervisors can organise users into user groups. This option is practical when it comes down to customising the access details for more than one user. If the details of more than one user are required

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March Newsletter 2024

Behind the Scenes & Beyond: Your March Update from TPH Global Welcome to the March edition of our newsletter! This month, we’ll explore budgeting strategies,

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